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    New Aerobic Floor and Schedule for the New Year!

    The new year always brings new things.  And this year Santa brought us a new floor for the aerobic room.  I know… you’re all saying, “didn’t we just put in a new aerobic floor?”  Well, it would seem like it was just yesterday.  But it has been a few years.  It was time to update that bad boy for the new exercise trends.  This floor will not be a suspended wood floor like the old one.  We now need one that can take a licking (yes, we are talking about you hard core guys throwing medicine balls into the ground). We are pretty sure this floor can take on your abuse.  Of course we say that with everything.  So please enjoy the update to the room, but use just a little TLC when you are in there.

    Along with the new floor comes a new format for some of the scheduled classes. Many of you may have noticed that Erin is teaching a Saturday morning muscle class.  She is also adding a Plyo class to Thursday nights.  Talk about a hard core workout. Erin is qualified to kick your booty.  She is a national Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as NASM certified.  She also holds her BA in Human Performance and Sport with a concentration in Adult Fitness and Exercise Science.  She has a minor in Psychology so she can analyze why you might be crying when you are done with her class.

    Many of you may have been taking Carly’s Muscle Works class on Monday evenings.  She is going to keep that very popular class and bring back an oldie but a goodie…BOSU.  Carly would like to start your Thursday evening out with a healthy dose of BOSU Core and then move on to your entire body.  Keep in mind that this class is limited to 10 BOSU participants due to the nature of the format.  Some come early, and come often.

    Meredith is going to switch up her Thursday nights and turn that Cardio Chaos into Kardio Kickboxing and Khaos.  For those of you who feel a need to kick or punch at something, Meredith can make sure you find that outlet through her.

    And because you were asking for more, Power Yoga will be back on Thursday nights.  Jodi knows your need for flexibility and relaxation time toward the end of the week.  But don’t be fooled.  She just might trick you into working hard.

    OK folks!  It’s time to make your plans to get in here and get to work.  We provide the space and you provide the effort.  I guarantee it will pay off for you in 2013.  And please take advantage of our highly qualified and highly experienced fitness team.  They can take all the guess work out of your workout.

    Locker Room Update

    Sorry Guys.  Changed my mind after talking to the tiler (I can do that, because I am a woman and can change my mind as often as I want).  He said absolutely no water on the floor until the 10th of April.  That means no shower usage until then, and puppy pads under the urinal and sinks.  Any kind of moisture will ruin the grout that was used.

    Such a bummer, but we want you to have the best floor possible, so we will have to be a little uncomfortable for awhile.

    Locker Floor + Water = Trouble Until April 10th

    Hey Guys!

    The locker room will reopen on Monday.  But there are a few restrictions.  Since this is a ceramic tile we need you to keep it water (liquid) free until April 10th.  Please make sure your feet are dry when you exit the shower.  In fact, when showering try not to get too carried away and get water all over the floor.  We don’t want to start this process all over again.  And do we need to mention pee on the floor?  I didn’t think so.

    Thanks for your cooperation and enjoy the floor.  And ladies, we should be doing yours this summer.

    By the way, did you hear that the new electronic boards have been installed in the treadmills?  Well they have been.  Yea!

    New bathroom floor in the men’s locker room.


    New Locker Room Floor…Gentlemen.

    That’s right, gentlemen.  Your new locker room floor is going in this next week.  Unfortunately, that means you will not have access to the locker room for the week.  PLEASE GET ALL THAT YOU MAY NEED OUT OF YOUR LOCKERS!  Once work begins you will not be allowed on the floor.  No showers and no potty, except for emergencies, and then we have to pester the ladies in their room.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but the end product will be great.  Thanks for your patience.

    Repair Updates

    Well, we are very happy to be busy in the building.  But with great use comes great wear on the equipment and building.  I want to use this blog space to keep you updated on what has been recently repaired, what is in the process of being repaired, and what we plan on upgrading in the future.

    I’m sure most of you are not the least bit excited about our last major repair, but we at the front desk are.  Thank you Bill and the guys at Diamond Back Concrete Construction for sealing up the leaks along the north and west side of the building.  This keeps Patti and Kristi from mopping up for hours after every snow and rain.  Now that this problem has been taken care of we can move on to other projects that hinge on this repair.

    You may have also noticed the new light fixture above the weight room floor.  The Body Firm is going green with light use.  We plan to replace each fixture one at a time as they die.  Our new IBZ system has a lower energy consumption, contains less mercury, and has a longer life.  Plus WOW!  We love the light it puts off.  Thank you Jeremy for introducing us to this system.

    We unfortunately have two of our older treadmills that have blown their lower boards.  Electronic issues take quite some time to fix, so we appreciate your patience as they are being rebuilt.

    You may have noticed that the new Cybex treadmills have the sound boxes built into them.  Try them out if your interested in listening to the television while working out.

    The part to the ArcTrainer should be in next week.  It is still functioning, just the resistance is not doing what it should.  Ryan at Extreme Care should be able to place that in for us next week.

    We appreciate your patience with equipment repair as it is a very lengthy process.  There are only a couple of companies that work on these and they are from the Front Range.  The first step is to run diagnostics to pinpoint the problem.  The second is to order the parts.  That is the longest step, as some parts can take weeks to get in.  And lastly, we have to wait until Ryan and his crew get out her to take care of us.  It is very frustrating for all of us, but worth waiting for, as Ryan is the best in the industry.

    Our next major project is the floor in the men’s bathroom.  Gentlemen, be prepared to go without a locker room sometime during the end of May as we replace your floor with a new ceramic tile floor.  There is a lot more water on your floor surface due to more shower use and it has taken a toll on the current floor.  And do I need to even mention the space under the urinal?  Hello!  Deb at Specialty Shoppe across the street is hooking us up with a great tile.

    Thanks again for your patience as we are working on these projects.  If you have concerns about anything else, please come find me at the front desk and I will make sure items are addressed.

    Keep coming in and wearing out your Body Firm.  That is your JOB!!! And we expect you to do it.



    Welcome to The Body Firm’s new web page.  We hope that you will join us weekly as our trainers contribute advice and antecdotes about our fitness world.  Pease feel free to take the time and  blog on our page as well.  We would be happy to entertain questions that you may have about the facility or fitness in general. 

    We want to remind you of some of the exciting activities happening in the gym right now.  Jodi, Julie, and Diana are in the middle of their bootcamp sessions.  These are small group personal training sessions that have between 4 to 8 class members.  It is a great way to get personal training at an affordable price.  Join up with a friend and get that extra motivation you need to propel your workouts to the next level.  New sessions should start in early March, so contact us to reserve your spot.

    The Body Firm is Morgan County’s SilverSneakers Fitness Program provider.  Drop in or call and see if you are eligible for this program.  You can just attend our Range of Motion classes on Fridays and Saturdays, or you can become a full member at no cost to you.  Make sure and join us this Saturday the 11th of February as we have more information on this program at the CPMC Healthfair.  It is from 7am to 11am at the Fort Morgan High School.

    Don’t forget that Ink’d Out apparel also offers MMA conditioning 6 night a week in our aerobic room.  There are kids and adult classes alike and soon a women’s only program will be under way.  This is a good way to condition your body as you learn stand-up, grappling, and much more.  Contact Tribal Tatoo for more information.

    The Body Firm offers a wide variety of group fitness classes that are free to members and is only $5 for non-members to drop-in.  Yoga, Turbo Kick, Zumba, Double Step, and Muscle Works are just a sample of the class offerings.  All instructors and trainers are certified and happy to help answer any questions you may have after class.

    We are excited to hear from you on our blog or feel free to quick-link to our Facebook page available from this site.

    Let’s all have a healthy new year!


    Check it out

    Morgan County Running Club


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